The Separation of Mind and Body in Health – A Historical Perspective

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Relational Reflexology

The concept of ancient health and medicine can sometimes appear mysterious and difficult to comprehend to modern day man, particularly when attempts are made to measure the Ancient’s knowledge by the intellectual, scientific models and standards of today.  The formation and growth of modern medicine can be traced back across thousands of years – its development encouraged by more settled human societies, religion, philosophy, education, trade, and of course the ever enquiring human mind.

Latterly, with so many astonishing advances occurring within science and modern medicine it might be perhaps easy to imagine that human beings could only have gained with regards to their health.  Whilst scientific achievements are undoubtedly of tremendous value to the entire human race – it could also be argued along its developmental journey both science and modern medicine became for a time somewhat blinded to fully appreciating the complex human condition, and the innate and…

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