Wired for Compassion – The Human Brain and the Supportive Reflexology Package

Always wonderful to read Nichola’s blogs – learning so much, it’s a real study!

Relational Reflexology

Foot massageAt first glance compassion might appear a difficult to measure, rather subjective subject – however, the concept has certainly attracted a great deal of research attention across recent years – principally because of the close philosophical association between compassionate states – and the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. 

The intention of this blog post is to explore the manner in which the human brain and nervous system responds to witnessing suffering in others – and to highlight the positive role of compassion in human health.  Additionally, the intention is to offer the reader an opportunity to consider how their own feelings of compassion might impact reflexology clients – and finally, to champion the reflexology package as a powerful multi-dimensional therapeutic balm – capable of soothing individual instances of personal suffering through tactile interpersonal touch, and the practitioners engagement in active states of compassion and empathy.

Compassion and The Theory of Human…

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