The Multi-Dimensional Impact of Interpersonal Touch in Reflexology

Relational Reflexology

Foot massageCentrally positioned within the art of reflexology exists a well documented multi-dimensional concept connecting all forms of professional reflexology practice – that concept relates to interpersonal touch.

Researchers have extensively examined the importance of human interpersonal touch in mother/infant bonding, child development, and adult social interactions.  The role of interpersonal touch as a counter-stimulation intervention in pain management (Gate Control Theory) has also been scientifically acknowledged.  Additionally, the study ofnon-verbal communication is well established – with researchers possessing a high level of understanding concerning the subtle relationship between our inner emotions and desires – and that of our external posture, body language, and facial expressions.  More recently researchers have been attempting to examine the innate human ability to non-verbally impart and decode emotional content through interpersonal touch.

“Human touch is a highly complex sensory modality, involving numerous interacting systems and exploratory capacities.  Through touch we are able to interact…

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